Tessa Ransford OBE, Hon.DUniv (Paisley), MA, Dip Ed
Poetry Practitioner and Adviser
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  This is a poem I wrote in the 1970s trying to express the experience of creative work. Angel meaning messenger in Greek, an intermediary force between the vision and its expression or between the invisible and visible, implicit and explicit worlds. Agony means struggle or wrestling, which is also often involved in making things happen or appear. But the poem says what it says and should be understood as we can, each according to our own experience.


Undreamt dream
restoring what mind
never knew:
as memory and dream come to mind
angels come true.

Unwritten text
sounds of a language
text and sounds translated
by angel-word.

Unceasing search
and taste
of experience
empty, half-filled:
the taste of a moment's perfection
is angel-food.

Opening wide
and receiving
yet narrowing down
to the real:
the narrowness of the highest
angels reveal.

Vision of inscape
free into canvas
and paint:
the angel-eye pierces through
to the focal-point.

Silent music
is threading
slowly through
strings of the heart:
and plucks the nerves of angels
alive, alert.

Parents of poems
and poems
born after labour
dark night with the angel
until it is done.

Chaos of world
transformed into creation
by angel-hand.

Dance of the dream
made flesh:
through the agony of angels:
art is this.

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